Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Elemental Blessings : Troubled Waters, Royal Airs, Jeweled Fire, Unquiet Land, Whispering Wood

troubled waters

barnes & noble

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“The amazing Shinn returns to the world of her Elemental Blessing series by following the exploits of a young princess determined to chart her own course.” –The Romantic Times

Jeweled Fire
Princess Corene has run away from home to the royal court of Malinqua, where the empress’s three nephews are vying to be named her heir. Two other foreign princesses have also come to the palace, hoping to marry the man chosen to be the next ruler of Malinqua. What the nephews don’t know is the identity of the man who accompanies Corene: the empress’s legitimate grandson, born long after everyone believed his mother was dead. What Corene doesn’t know is the real reason the empress is gathering foreign princesses to her court—and how much that puts all of them in danger. Corene finds herself making friends in unexpected places and relying more and more on her faithful guard Foley. Because Foley is the only person who would die before allowing harm to come to Corene…

Publishing history
Hardback published in November 2015.

My favorite scene
It’s called JEWELED FIRE, right? There’s a fiery blaze depicted on the cover. So naturally there’s a moment where something’s about to burn down. That’s my favorite scene, but a close second is a much quieter interaction between Corene and Foley, when they talk about the types of people they might marry.

Interesting tidbit
For the whole time I was writing the book, I knew who I wanted the villain to be. But then it turned out I liked the character too much, so I picked a different villain—one I think is actually a much better choice! My friend Rett MacPherson, who writes mysteries, says she does that all the time. Who knew?

If you want to learn the card game penta, which several characters play during the Elemental Blessings books, click HERE.


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